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Our Corporate Intelligence Services

As a boutique corporate intelligence consultancy we can respond quickly and flexibly to your requirements. Our services include:

Due Diligence Investigations

Whether you are considering entering into a business relationship with a company or an individual, or you require research to be carried out post deal, we have a successful track record of investigating and establishing the facts. Our due diligence capabilities cover the following:

  • Integrity Due diligence – reputation, compliance, FCPA, corruption, anti-bribery
  • Public records and open sources searches
  • Asset tracing
  • Litigation support
  • Sanctions searches
  • Corporate registry records
  • Media and internet searches
  • Database services

Political Risk

When entering a new market it is crucial that political risks from regulation, corruption and instability are explored thoroughly to protect your business from reputational and financial losses. This is especially true when entering emerging markets, where such issues may significantly impact your business. We can assess the risks and offer the following services:

  • Political risk assessments at country, region or sector levels
  • Profiles of power brokers
  • Conflict analysis (terrorism, social unrest etc.)

Subcontracting work for other business intelligence providers

We support many business intelligence companies with our expertise and language capabilities, ranging from large audit firms to boutique and medium-sized risk consultancies. Please contact us in confidence about your requirements.

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