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Luxembourg Corporate Registry Records

17 July 2020


The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has long been a jurisdiction sought out by corporations wishing to avail themselves of a favourable taxation system. As such, due diligence investigators and other investigative professionals frequently need to access corporate information for Luxembourg companies. Most information is made available for free or for a low fee in the Luxembourg Business Register (Trade and Company Register), also known as Registre de Commerce et des Sociétés in French.

Corporate information available in Luxembourg's Trade and Company Register

The Trade and Company Register can be accessed in French, German and English from the homepage of the Luxembourg Business Registers:

Luxembourg Business Registers homepage


After following the "Access To The Trade And Company Register" link, click on "search for an RCS file":

Luxembourg Registre de Commerce

The website then allows searches by company name or registration number:

company search screen at the Luxembourg Registre de Commerce

Selecting a particular result from the list will only show limited information. The website requires users to "log in" through the "connection" link on the top left; however, logging in as an anonymous user is permitted.

Luxembourg Registre de Commerce login

After accepting the website's terms and conditions, you are then presented with the record screen for the selected company:

Luxembourg Registre de Commerce results screen

Basic information is presented straight away, such as:

  • company name
  • legal form (e.g. société à responsabilité limitée)
  • registration date
  • registered office
  • classification of main activity (e.g. financial holdings)
  • company status

For further information, you might wish to order a company profile that contains the current officers and shareholders of the company. The documents filed by the company can be downloaded for free in PDF format, including annual accounts, changes to officers, address changes etc.

Normally, the following additional information can be obtained through the company profile or the documents submitted by the company itself:

  • directors (with dates of birth and nationality), including their function and when they were appointed
  • shareholders
  • financial statements

Depending on the company and the type of document submitted, information is often only available in French. For older companies, there may also be an "archive" tab that allows download of documents submitted in a single file.

Luxembourg directorship searches

The official databases cannot be "reverse" searched for directorships held by an individual or entity in other companies. Through our proprietary technology, we are able to carry out such searches in a timely manner with a high degree of accuracy and can also exclude "false positives" where two directors share the same name. For furhter information on directorship checks in Luxembourg, please contact us.


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