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Dubai Civil Litigation Records

20 May 2019

Any kind of investigative due diligence will normally comprise searches of relevant litigation records to identify involvement of the subject(s) of the investigation in legal disputes and litigious behaviour.

In the UAE, the Government of the Emirate of Dubai has made court judgments from the civil courts available online through its Dubai Courts website. This offering covers rulings from first instance courts, courts of appeal and the court of cassation and includes commercial, real estate, labour and civil litigation from 2010 onwards.

Dubai Courts website

The full text of the court judgments in Arabic is normally available with names of parties to a dispute (plaintiffs and defendants) not redacted (unlike some other jurisdictions). In addition, the registration and judgement dates, as well as the case number are also normally displayed:

Dubai courts website.


An example of the full text of a judgement:

Example of the full text of a Dubai court judgment.


Search by name of plaintiff or defendant

Unfortunately, the website does not allow searches by name of plaintiff or defendant, which would mean that a “manual” search would consist of clicking through around 200,000 judgments (unless one already has information on a specific judgment, such as type of court or judgment date).

Through its proprietary technology, Maddocks Insight has made all of the court judgments published on the Dubai Courts website available for search by name of defendant, plaintiff or mention in the full text of the court judgment.

If you would like to carry out a civil litigation check in Dubai, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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