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Lebanese Corporate Registry Records

27 April 2019

One of the main components of a due diligence investigation is to obtain official information about a target’s basic identifiers (date of incorporation, company number etc.) and its directors and shareholders.

Information available in the online Lebanese Commercial Register

The Lebanese Commercial Register provides corporate registry records for companies registered in Lebanon through a search interface on the website of the Ministry of Justice.

The website allows searches by registration number or by the Arabic name of a company and presents results in a list:

Lebanese corporate registry search function


The search function does not allow searching by English or French name of a company. It can also be somewhat temperamental insofar as slight spelling variations are not automatically accounted for.

Clicking on one of the results will take you to the profile page of the selected company:

profile page with company details


The following information may be available in these online registry records, though whether or not a specific piece of information is available can vary from case to case:

  • company name
  • alternative company (often in French or English)
  • company registration number
  • registration date (need not be the same as the date when the company was established)
  • status (i.e. whether the company is still active or not)
  • duration of company (for how many years the company is licenced to operate)
  • legal form (e.g. limited liability company/SARL, sole proprietorship etc.)
  • share capital
  • address
  • registered activities
  • directors, shareholders, authorized signatories and other executives/officers of the company and their nationality (shareholding percentages or number of shares held are often but not always listed for shareholders)
  • branches of the company
  • official notices (such as suspension from the Commercial Register or a freeze of shares held by a shareholder due to a court order

Lebanese directorship searches

One of the main drawbacks of the official Corporate Registry website is that it cannot be searched by name of an individual for directorships or shareholdings held by that individual in Lebanese companies.

Through its proprietary technology, Maddocks Insight has made the official records searchable by name of an individual. As such, we offer directorships and corporate affiliations searches in Lebanon.

Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more about Lebanese corporate registry records or directorships searches in Lebanon.

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